This is a post contributed by our amazing ’15 alums!

1. Future Brown
Future Brown stands out as a kind of underground supergroup, counting among its members such luminaries as Fatima Al Qadiri, J-Cush, and Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda, aka Nguzunguzu. They draw together musical and aesthetic trends from regional scenes across the world and craft them into a surprisingly cohesive whole. Check out this track from their debut album.
Future Brown – “Vernáculo ft. Maluca”

2. Föllakzoid
Chilean trio Föllakzoid first became known for their expansive krautrock-influenced compositions with their 2013 debut II. Their recent album, III, inspired by the Andes Mountains and a childhood “trance experience,” fuses the classic Krautrock 4/4 motorik beat with traditional sounds in a daring series of monumental songs.
Föllakzoid – “Rio”

3. The Body
The Body is a long-standing fixture of the US sludge metal scene that, 17 years since their formation, continues to innovate and push boundaries. Their 2014 album, I Shall Die Here, built intricate rhythms and textures to convey a visceral sense of terror and dread. No One Deserves Happiness will be released March 18, 2016.
The Body – “Shelter is Illusory”

4.Los Pirañas
Bogotá based trio Los Pirañas playfully combine cumbia, lambada, and other traditional colombian rhythms their boisterous and joyful compositions. Describing their music as tropical noise, they use cowbells and other found instruments to create their multilayered sound.
Los Pirañas — “Monstruo Prometedor (Homenaje al Manzano)”

5. Jenny Hval
Jenny Hval’s complex albums — at once works of poetry, music, and theory — have earned her recognition around the world. On her most recent release, Apocalypse, Girl, Hval has coined a new name for her strange, surreal, and absurd performances: soft dick rock, or, using the elements of dick to create a softer, toned-down sound.
Jenny Hval – “Take Care of Yourself”

-Henry Osman and Abby Kerfoot