Audio Services

KWUR offers audio services for anybody interested in renting sound equipment for an event. We have speakers and DJ equipment of various sizes and types to fit events as large as a club or auditorium (also lazers and fog machines, etc.). For an additional fee, we are happy to come set up the equipment for you and instruct you on how to get familiar with what we have. If you need a DJ, we'd also be happy to come spin KWUR approved jamz tailored to your request. For more information on what equipment we have and availability, please e-mail us at (payment is available through Student Union funds transfer if the customer is a representative of a Wash U. student group).

Underwriting and PSAs

Underwriting is in charge of raising funds for the station, organizing cool stuff, and fostering relationships with local businesses. Underwriting works with outside businesses to garner as much support for KWUR as possible, usually through sponsorship of KWUR programming. If you're a local business and interested in sponsoring a KWUR show, please email us at We'd love to work with you!